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Gary Hibbert is a full-time Real Estate Investor, licensed and award-winning Real Estate Agent, Author, and Educator. In 2008, he made a decision that would be life-changing by purchasing his first investment property. Through hard work and dedication, Gary left the corporate world to become a full-time entrepreneur in 2014. Today, not only does he have a remarkable Real Estate Investing Portfolio, and a successful business, but Gary continually inspires the same change that transformed his life, into others.

In the beginning, Gary lived pay cheque to pay cheque as many others do. He had been accustomed to the reality that at the end of the month, there was more month than money. Realizing that there must be another way to make ends meet, he became determined to educate himself and make a change. However, at that point, he hadn’t yet realized that by changing his own life, it would enable him to help 100’s of future investors to their path to finding financial freedom. In 2010, Gary launched Smart Home Choice, a company dedicated to educating new and experienced investors through a focus on SMART goals in order to allow them to make informed decisions in their investing strategies. Currently, Smart Home Choice is one of Durham Region’s largest groups of Real Estate Investors and although the company is continually growing, it offers networking, mentoring, and self-improvement opportunities to its members.

In addition to Smart Home Choice, Gary is the owner of a private investment company called Deep Pockets and most recently has joined 4 others in a partnership of ownership of a real estate brokerage; Our Neighbourhood Realty. This gave Gary the courage and platform to intiate his podcast series, Real Talk With Gary. A podcast that focuses on wealth, health and everything in between. Gary attributes his success to his focus on improving his mindset, rather than improving his skillset and most importantly discovering his “why”. He is also dedicated to helping others realize their “why”, because that is the realization that led Gary to where he is today.

Being able to design a lifestyle of your choice is not an easy feat, however it’s attainable as long as you have passion and know what your ‘why’ is.

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Smart Guide

In this publication, Gary dives into the do’s and dont’s of landlording. He also discusses how to increase cash flow and rental strategies.

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These minute long videos are financial and life tips and thoughts. Visit the home page for the youTube link or visit the site below.

Episodes: smarthomechoice.ca/video

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Featured in numerous print, e-mags and online platforms, Gary is an authority on Real Estate Investing and Mindset.

Featured In: leadershiptowealth.com

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