Gary chats in this archive episode with Nicole Bridges from RYIS Properties! This bonus episode has Gary and Nicole chatting about property management, about why some people choose to use a property manager, and some don’t. Nicole has worked with many of Gary’s clients and done great work. This episode is PACKED with tips and practical advice to make your investments stressless!

What you’ll learn:

  • Should you get a property manager or do this on your own
  • What to look for when searching for a property manager
  • Get the emotions OUT of the investment
  • Having an investment manager lowers stress and workload
  • Screening tenants and avoid tenants from hell
  • What you should do every year with your investment properties
  • How often you should inspect your investment properties
  • Simple tips to avoid professional tenants
  • How much should a property manager cost
  • The eviction process, how it works and why a property manager can help avoid this
  • How long does an eviction take, and what paperwork is required
  • After hour services of a property manager
  • Should you do credit checks on your new tenant or allow them to provide their own
  • The importance of treating investing like a business
  • How to take the emotions out of investing
  • Why you shouldn’t treat an investment property like your own – your concerns are different than your own property
  • Why you shouldn’t get too attached to your tenants, as it’s a business arrangement
  • How long should it take to fill your property
  • When you are buy a property with tenants, are they good tenants or bad?
  • Why a home inspection is necessary for an investment property
  • Why you should have a paralegal on your team, and others including a plumber, electrician, handyman, etc
  • And MORE!

Nicole’s Bio

My family has always owned their own investment properties since I was a young girl living in my home town.

As a result I have had my own buildings and homes for which I managed and understood the importance of good management.  I have decided to go public with my services and now have over 300 doors for which my team and I manage.

I have come up with the name of RYIS properties to honour my two boys who are young adults today, one who is in an apprenticeship to become a plumber who is named Ryan and my second boy, special needs who was born with Fragile X Syndrome and is living with me and is involved in a day program and his name is Kurtis……….RYIS (first two letters of Ryan and last two letters from Kurtis)

I have been educated as a legal administrator in which gave me the training for detail and also worked as a recruiter and had various administrative functions.

I have been raised in a construction world and have been a partner in a Plumbing and Contracting business which gave me the ability to understand different methods of all maintenance required and or needed.

Contact Nicole

Office # (905) 727-1102
Email [email protected]

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