Gary chats in this episode with Tara Baylis from Our Neighbourhood Realty! This was recorded back in March, and held off releasing this due to COVID. They dove deep into why she’s become such a top-seller in the Durham region, how lead-gen works, how the Agent Locator works, the power of mindset and more! This podcast may be focused more for real estate agents, but still some worthwhile information for investors.

What you’ll learn:

* Why online lead generation is and can be extremely effective
* How to cultivate and nurture leads that come in
* Why she calls herself the ‘hardest working realtor in Durham’
* How Agent Locator helps her track leads and enter them in their CRM system
* You could send out targeted emails, etc.
* Agent Locator is a great system for new agents
* Is calling still an effective method of communication vs. email, text, etc
* You can set up Agent locator for your client’s price range and area, and how often they want to see listings
* You can also see which properties they have viewed, which will help you narrow their interests
* Why human followup to emails brings a personal touch to your service
* Why patience is important with lead gen, and why it can take YEARS for a lead to buy
* Why your choice of lead generation site determines how often you need to maintain your leads
* View each lead as a gift
* If you treat your leads well, even if you’ve never met them in person, may refer you to their friends and family
* And MORE!

Tara’s Bio

Tara is widely recognized as a top selling powerhouse in the Durham Region & GTA marketplace, and has garnered a host of accolades and awards as a result of her hugely celebrated success.  Behind all that top performing professionalism though, is a heart that truly cares about each and every client and a sincerity that can’t be mistaken. With the credibility of almost 20 years of experience in the daily operations of the real estate industry Tara knows the business inside and out, and is phenomenal at seamlessly translating that business acumen into an enviable level of confidence and security for her buyers and sellers.

Traversing the often-confusing terrain of the real estate transaction with elegance and ease, Tara counts hundreds of happy past clients as a true testament that her exceptional brand of real estate services demonstrates clear value to consumers.  As a consultant and trusted advisor, Tara invests her time, energy and resources into the meticulous care of her portfolio of clients, retaining her buyers and sellers as lifelong ambassadors of her business.

With designations like the highly regarded Accredited Buyer Representation (ABR) Tara ensures that each and every client gets the highest level of real estate experience!

Contact Tara

Phone 905-431-6055
Facebook: TaraLea RealEstate
Insta: @taraandrews7777

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